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Catherine Daly – Research Officer



Catherine Daly
Research Officer
Pre-Cancer Genomics Group
Leeds Institue of Cancer and Pathology
Wellcome Trust Brenner Building
St James University Hospital
Becketts Street

Tel 0113 3438417
Email C.L.Daly@leeds.ac.uk


Role – Research Officer

My main role within the Pre-Cancer Genomics Group is to perform assays that validate the group’s findings from the whole genome sequencing and copy number assays we run on a wide range of clinical samples. To date, this has included PCR, RT PCR and most recently Agilent’s Haloplex Target Enrichment. We have collected a wide range of sample types, some difficult to process and some in minute quantities so a significant degree of optimisation is required. I also oversee our NGS pipeline for both our clinical samples, and those of our collaborators. This includes the training and supervision of students and technical staff involved in the preparation of samples for NGS and communication with collaborators with regards to experimental design and results.

I am also responsible for the implementation of the Human Tissue Act guidelines for all the PCG tissue collections, with the aim of maintaining HTA compliance. To date, this has included the design and administration of our tissue tracking databases, document control systems and sample collection and processing SOPs.


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