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Dr Lucy Stead – Postdoctoral Scientist

Contact Information

Dr Lucy Stead
Section of Pre-Cancer Genomics
Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology
Wellcome Trust Brenner Building
St James’s University Hospital
LS9 7TF, Leeds
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 113 2065627
email: l.f.stead@leeds.ac.uk
REDIRECT TO HERE I have now left the precancer genomics group to take up a Leeds Wellcome Trust ISSF Junior Fellowship, which began on 1st Sept 2013. This has meant a move into the field of brain cancer; I plan to continue performing integrated analyses of next-generation sequencing datasets to develop new hypotheses regarding carcinogenesis in this deadly cancer subtype.


I am currently investigating somatic mutations that occur during carcinogenesis; by comparing those within matched normal, dysplasia and tumour samples. This work is carried out computationally by analysing whole genome sequencing data generated by massively parallel sequencing (also known as next generation sequencing: NGS).

I also have a keen interest in the use of new sequencing technologies to investigate transcriptomes (RNAseq), including both coding and non-coding transcripts, and am working on the creation and analysis of these datasets, in a strand directional manner, from formalin fixed material.


PhD Bioinformatics. University of Leeds: 2007-2010
MRes Bioinformatics; Distinction. University of Leeds, 2006-2007.
BA (Hons) Natural Sciences (Specialising in Biochemistry); II.1. University of Cambridge, 2000-2003.


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